Welcome to the HCI-Book Strategic Research Cluster

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Our work aims to foster the further understanding of the significance of digital and analog books and their role in humanities scholarship. We are very grateful that a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) research cluster award made possible the preliminary work presented on the website.

Research questions

Key questions to be addressed include:

HCI-Book members

The HCI-Book group is comprised of researchers and stakeholders at the forefront of computing in the humanities, text analysis, information studies, usability and interface design. The network is led by Canadian scholars, but includes members from the USA and the UK. It is comprised of those who are best-poised to understand the nature of the human record as it intersects with the computer. Our work is divided into four key research groupings: reader studies, information management, interface design and textual studies.

Key research objectives

The working group will begin to identify the central issues relating to the digitization of the human record and to act on that identification, to the end of:

Further information

For information about the HCI-Book Research Group beyond this website, please contact Dr. Ray Siemens (lastname at uvic dot ca), at the University of Victoria.

The text presented on this website was edited by Vika Zafrin, with Alan Galey.